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  • 購買與服務熱線:+86 400-810-0466


    Integrated Solution

    With a complete IT infrastructure product line and deep learning software stack, we provide users with a complete solution from server to deep learning development platform.

    Rich Application Scenarios

    Sugon Artificial Intelligence provides a high-performance containerized private cloud solution integrating software and hardware, helping R&D personnel to quickly enter the AI field. Focus algorithm optimization to achieve application landing.

    Strong System Power

    With the solid foundation of HPC, it guarantees the strong performance of the hardware platform and directly solve the pain point of the software platform, providing a cutting-edge means for AI full process development.

    Solution Recommendation

    Dawning Information Industry Co.,Ltd. Sugon Building, No.36 Zhongguancun Software Park, No.8 Dongbeiwang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100193

    Tel:+86 400-810-0466

    Fax:+86 10-56308222


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