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  • 購買與服務熱線:+86 400-810-0466


    Match demand

    Deeply diagnose the industry's business appeals, keep up with the pain points of industry customers, and provide quality products and solutions based on business.

    One-stop service

    Tracing back to the source, Sugon provides company-to-customer, end-to-end, one-stop services, reducing communication costs and improving project efficiency.

    Advanced technology

    Adhere to the R&D and innovation of computing power, develop new technologies and new solutions, and meet the new challenges of digital transformation of energy customers.

    Solution Recommendation

    Dawning Information Industry Co.,Ltd. Sugon Building, No.36 Zhongguancun Software Park, No.8 Dongbeiwang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100193

    Tel:+86 400-810-0466

    Fax:+86 10-56308222


    Purchase Consulting After Consulting Telephone Counseling