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    End-to-end Integration

    From the overall design of the data center to the integrated deployment of software and hardware in the edge computing scenario, users can achieve high-performance, scalable, and best practices.

    Industry Application Customization

    Work with customers in the Internet industry to jointly define and build market-competitive products with ultra-high computing capabilities that meet the user's forward-looking needs and industry eco-layout planning.

    Comprehensive innovation architecture support

    With high-performance computing resources and ultra-large-scale computing platform operation and management experience, it helps users to establish a basic support platform for intelligent and high value-added scale computing.

    Solution Recommendation

    Dawning Information Industry Co.,Ltd. Sugon Building, No.36 Zhongguancun Software Park, No.8 Dongbeiwang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100193

    Tel:+86 400-810-0466

    Fax:+86 10-56308222


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